LTL and Shaanxi Normal University Signed the Cooperation Agreement


Sponsored by Xi’an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xi’an Municipal People's Government and Shaanxi Normal University, the "Dream Return to Chang 'an -- the return of millions of alumni" activity was held in Xi 'an Shangri-La Hotel. Dou Lianhui, General Manager of Xi’an LTL Education Company was invited to attend the activity and signed the cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Normal University.

Directly administered by the Ministry of Education of China, Shaanxi Normal University, a key university under the construction plan of China’s national “211 Project" and a university under China’s Innovation Platform Construction Plan of the“985” Superior Discipline of Teacher Education, is a major base for training teachers and administrators of higher learning institutes and secondary schools as well as other high-level professionals in China, and is known as the “Cradle of Teachers” in Northwest China.


This agreement means LTL and Shaanxi Normal University will have deeper and broader cooperation in educational resources, curriculum development, teacher training and teaching management.

Three years has passed since LTL and Shaanxi Normal University cooperated to establish Shaanxi Normal University Vanke Primary School and Shaanxi Normal University Vanke Middle School. These two schools are well received by society and parents. The cooperation agreement signed this time is the recognition of their previous cooperation and also it indicates the further cooperation between them.

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