LTL and Daqian Education Signed the Cooperation Agreement



LTL held the signing ceremony with Daqian education on Dcember 14, 2018. Wu Liheng, President of Daqian education and Dou Lianhui, General Manager of LTL signed the agreement. 


Daqian education is a brain science education operator. The company operates campuses in seven major regions in China, including Xi’an, Beijing, Nanjing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou. It provides brain science education for children aged 0-13. LTL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanke Group. It develops a K-12 education system covering pre-school, primary and secondary education available to children aged 3-18. 


The cooperation between LTL and Daqian Education is an extension of their respective business areas. Education in the future is not only a balanced and inclusive education, but also a precise education that focuses on the development of each individual. In the scheme of the national brain science program, the production, campuses and research of Daqian education will gain a sufficient development. 


The cooperation between LTL and Daqian education will provide more exploration and practice for the reform of China’s future social development system.


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