LTL School

LTL School

1.jpgimg.jpgShaanxi Normal University Vanke Primary School

Shaanxi Normal University Vanke Primary School is a full-time private primary school established by Shaanxi Normal University and Xi’an Vanke. It is built according to the standard of provincial exemplary primary school. Shaanxi Normal University is responsible for its education and teaching management, and it’s a high-quality and modern private primary school.  



Shaanxi Normal University Vanke Primary School is located at the university town of Chang’an District, Xi’an City. It covers an area of 42 acres and has a building area of 23000 square meters. It is equipped with the library, the multimedia classroom, the art classroom, the calligraphy classroom, the pottery classroom, the tea classroom, the labor and technology classroom, the dance classroom and the music classroom. Its educational philosophy is “health, humanity, service and character”. Children learn, experience and share love in teaching process, and it is called “Ba Xueyuan”. 


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