LTL School

LTL School

img.jpgQinHan New City LTL Primary School

QinHan New City LTL Primary School is the first full-time private primary school founded by LTL in QinHan New city.
Located at Vanke Dream City, Lanchi No.2 Road, QinHan New city, XiXian New area, Xi’an City, it covers an area of 20 acres and has 18 classrooms. It will be founded in September 1st, 2019. Its orientation is superior, bilingual, innovative and intelligent. Based on the national curriculum, QinHan New City LTL Primary School teaches language in an immersive English environment. It allows students to engage in dual language and dual cultural experiences. Also, it’s committed to educational innovation and intelligent teaching management. QinHan New City LTL Primary School aims to educate talents with extensive knowledge, international perspectives, excellent temperament and great innovation. 


img.jpgCurriculum Overview

Based on the philosophical cognition of teaching and advanced experiences at home and abroad, QinHan New City LTL Primary School provides diverse, open and individualized education. 

QinHan New City LTL Primary School centers on the national curriculum, features the bilingual and STEAM courses, and is enriched by the thematic extension courses and community activity courses. 




1551328478925227.jpgAdvanced Curriculum Pattern

The school timetable is flexible. Based on the national curriculum standards, QinHan New City LTL Primary School sets up interdisciplinary thematic extension courses. It is a highly-motivating, child-centered programme taught as a multidisciplinary subject. It helps students develop knowledge, skills and understanding. Also through Dream City Concert, Drama Festival, International Culture Festival, Science Festival and Sports Meeting, QinHan New City LTL Primary School realizes the richness and diversity of education.


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