Management Team

Wu Yu

Wu Yu

Principal of QinHan New City LTL Primary School


Educator with 20 years of teaching experience.
With a deep, professional and unique understanding of education.
Outstanding teacher in curriculum reform of basic education in Shaanxi Province.
Two terms of Teaching Expert in Shaanxi Province.
National Excellent Instructor of Teaching.
Examiner of National Teaching Certificate Examination.
Group Member of Shaanxi Province Education Quality Improvement supervision and evaluation 316 Project. 

Working Experience:
1999-2005 Tongchuan Jin Mo Primary School, Director of Teaching and Discipline/ Vice Principal.
2005-2011 Primary School Affiliated to Northwestern Polytechnical University, Director of Teaching and Discipline.
2011-2015 Xi’an GaoXin No. 5 Primary School, Director of Teaching and Discipline.
2015-2018 Xi’an GaoXin No. 6 Primary School, Vice Principal.

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