Concept & Vision

Educational concept

3H+5I Educational Concept

LTL holds 3H+5I educational concept to nurture children with good virtue, excellent temperament, extraordinary leadership and great perseverance.

  • Hot
    Be enthusiastic and helpful to life, study and classmates
  • Honest
    Honest and trustworthy
  • Hopeful
    Optimistic and enterprising

    • Individuation
      Teach children in accordance with their aptitude and respect the talents and personality of each child
    • Imagination
      Imagination is the essence of creativity
    • Interest
      Always be curious about your surroundings
    • Independence
      Have independent learning ability
    • Insistence
      Be persistent and persistent


    • Student-centered

      Care about children’s healthy growth and overall development.

      LTL aims to educate talents with enthusiasm, integrity, faith and gratitude.

    • Combination of family and school education

      Comprehend the expectations of each family and offer them the possibility of combining family and school education.

      Because of the new college entrance examination reform, Chinese parents have higher expectations of education. LTL comprehends the expectations of each family and combine family and school education together.

    • Diverse teaching methods

      Greet the nation with outstanding education.

      LTL is committed to providing world-class education and developing elite talents. LTL leads Chinese education to meet the challenges of globalization.

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